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Here at Good Vibrations Adult Toys we have devised a game aptly named the “Shocking Truth”. This is a game of trust and general personal knowledge. The game requires two people (a couple), a list of personal questions devised by yourselves, a score card, pencil/pen and a set of Shock Therapy Cock Rings.

First off you will need to devise a list of questions about yourself you think your partner should know the answers too. The list can be as long or as short as you like but to keep things interesting we recommend  around 20 Questions.


Whats my favorite colour ?

What is my birth date ?

What colour are my eyes ?

What’s my sisters bra size ? (Guys the correct answer is.. Your sister has boobs ?)

If you need some more inspiration follow this link

Shock Therapy Cock Rings Buy Adult Sex Toys Online Australia

Shock Therapy Cock Rings Buy Adult Sex Toys Online Australia

Now for the Shock Therapy Cock Rings….

The smaller of the two rings encompasses the base of the shaft while the larger ring is placed around the top of the testicles. The questioner holds the remote and for every wrong answer the questioner shocks their partner and keeps a tally. Now guys you’re probably thinking, well this isn’t fair. Don’t you worry, when it comes time to swap roles we have just the tools for you. Introducing the Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps. Hook these babies up and repeat the process.

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps Buy Adult Sex Toys Online Australia

Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps Buy Adult Sex Toys Online Australia

The player with the least incorrect answers and more intact genitalia wins!

Get to know your partner better then ever with this kinky game.

We dare you  😉

P.S. If you want to take it to the next level….

Try the Shock Therapy Anal Plug!

Shock Therapy Anal Plug Buy Adult Sex Toys Online Australia

Shock Therapy Anal Plug Buy Adult Sex Toys Online Australia


Sex Toy Causes Car Crash

A woman caused a minor traffic accident recently because she was pleasuring herself with a sex toy.

The woman, described as being in her 30s, was reportedly driving her Mini when she suddenly lurched forward and shunted a stationary van being driven by a M&J Seafood employee.

The driver of the van later explained that it was his first day on the job and when he was later called into the company office, based in Cirencester, he feared he was about to be fired.

However his bosses told him that he wasn’t to blame as the incident had been caught on CCTV – and that the film had caught something… interesting.

The CCTV footage apparently showed the woman exit her vehicle holding a pink ‘Rampant Rabbit sex toy’ and hurriedly doing up her trousers.

Sex Toys History

The first known dildo recovered by paleontologists dates to the Paleolithic era. Made of siltstone and polished to a high gloss, the debate rages on about whether its primary purpose was for religious ritual or personal pleasure

Your Sex Life Depends On Your Grandma

Can you imagine that female ability to have orgasm is an inherited skill? Sounds pretty weird right, but don’t hurry to start laughing, because it is not a joke, but a scientifically proved fact.
Such unexpected news is the results of the researches made by the scientists from different countries, who tried to found out the impact of genes on the frequency of female orgasm.
For the study of such delicate topic were chosen hundreds of female-twins. They had to give the answer to the simple question ‘What is the best way for you to have orgasm?’ The variants they could choose between were the following: 1) during the intercourse with my sexual partner, 1) during masturbation, 3) using other sex methods like (oral sex, anal sex, and group sex), 4) using different sex toys (dildos,vibrators, etc.)
The results turned out to be more than just surprising or unexpected. After analyzing all the results the following conclusions were made. The influence of genes on the ability to have orgasm during traditional sex (actual intercourse with partner) makes around 31%. DNA influence on non traditional sex orgasm and on orgasm achieved with the help of sex toys proved to make around 37%. While the highest rate of DNA influence on orgasm belongs to masturbation. In 51% of masturbation cases orgasm depends on genetics that means that your ability to climax during masturbation is defined by your DNA code, in other words, it is inherited.
The most curious thing is that the scientists who made this discovery don’t really know how to apply all the information they have gathered during the research. They still didn’t find the way how to put such valuable results to use.
English scientist Tim Specter affirms that the mechanism of the orgasm does include genetic component, which makes from 34 up to 45 percent. He belongs to the group of scientists who support that theory, trying to corroborate it with as much research data basis as possible. Of course there are many other scientists who are very skeptical concerning the research and results of it. But what they question more are the results and the accuracy of the data, not the idea of the genetic influence on the ability to have orgasm.
For quite a long time female orgasm has been a subject of many different researches and investigations. As the result of all these examination, a lot of interesting, helpful and sometimes even amusing facts were discovered. The plausibility of many of them was questioned at first too, some still remain plausible. Therefore it is hard to guess the future of this very research.

Would You Put Up With a Workaholic Partner and No Sex?

Andrew was a very handsome and fit twenty-seven year old. He self-referred for therapy because he confused about what to do with his relationship. He had first met Cherie five years ago when they had an instant attraction, but because she was already in relationship, they only saw each other as friends and did not have sex for nine months. When they found themselves alone together one weekend when their group of friends was on holiday, their desire for each other sparked uncontrollably. Cherie left the other man and she and Andrew proceeded to have fabulous sex over the next four years. They did not live together, but saw each other constantly.
Gradually Cherie became more and more involved with her work. Andrew believed that she was trying to prove that she could be as successful as her father. She became totally absorbed in her role as financial advisor in a major corporate organization, working between sixty to seventy hours a week and began to complain that she was too tired to have sex. Eventually Andrew exploded and threatened to call off the relationship as a bluff to entice her to improve their sex life. Unexpectedly, Cherie agreed to call it all off, and the couple separated.
They stayed apart for nine months, and Andrew began seeing other women but found that no-one gave him the sense of intimacy that he had had with Cherie. A chance meeting re–sparked their love and they moved in together. Andrew was excited about the fantastic sex they had for the first month but totally disenchanted when the same old excuses resurfaced. She was working longer hours than ever and had taken on the challenge of an MBA at university as well! This time Cherie also started to pass the blame onto Andrew, saying that he just didn’t turn her on the way he used to. He became completely fed up when, after refusing to have sex with him for three weeks, she went out with her girlfriends one night and came home drunk. She made love to herself with the vibrator in bed next to Andrew and fell asleep, leaving him crawling up the wall.
What was he to do? Was it true that Cherie had just lost the chemical connection with him? Or did she just feel so guilty about, but so committed to, her workaholism, that she didn’t know how to help herself or Andrew and it was easier to just let go of the relationship? Cherie refused to come to therapy. She was too busy with work of course. This was the last straw for Andrew and he moved out, this time for good. He deserved better.

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