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The most popular of the Men’s Adult Toys are the flesh-lights or  artificial vaginas also known as “pocket pussies” or “masturbators”, are modeled to accept a penis for simulated intercourse. They can be shaped like vaginas, anuses, mouths or even feet with a hole for penetration. Some are equipped with sex-machine options that work similar to milking machines. These added features can simulate sucking motions for guys through the use of pumps or motors adding to pleasures given by traditional flesh lights. Masturbators are the best selling male adult toy in the world and are used by a wide range of men both single, coupled and of any sexual orientation. Despite the stigma associated with these devices, it’s very likely if you haven’t tried a flesh light, someone you know has and only they will know what you are missing.

High quality pussy fleshlight masturbator

High quality pussy masturbator

Cock Rings

Cock rings prolong and enlarges the erection by holding blood inside the penis. A man wears a cock-ring to combat erectile difficulties, or for the sensation of tightness and engorgement that wearing one provides. Some models include a protruding sometimes vibrating stimulator, designed to stimulate the clitoris during sex. Others vibrate, either vibrating the ring itself, or in a popular ‘Dolphin’ variant by using two removable bullet vibrators to provide stimulation to both the testicles and clitoris. Some cock rings also have vibrators attached which can be worn to stimulate a partner during sexual intercourse, especially in the scrotum or perineum.

A triple crown is a special cock-ring that has additional rings for restraining the mans testicles. In orgasm, the testicles usually retract toward the body before ejaculation. A triple crown changes and intensifies the sensation of orgasm by forcing the testicles to stay away from the body. Creating an unforgettable orgasm that is harder to reach. This is similar to a ball lock which is an ordinary padlock fastened around the male scrotum, separating the testicles away from the penis and not removable except by key or combination.

A cock harness is a more elaborate harness designed to be worn around the penis and scrotum. Its function is similar to that of a cock ring. These devices are often associated with BDSM activities such as cock and ball torture. An Arab strap is one such form of harness, purported to be a device used for maintaining a guys erection.

Black Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Black Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

Penis Sleeves & Penis Extensions

A docking sleeve is a cylindrical device similar to a penis sleeve, but is open at both ends, so that two men can dock, a form of mutual masturbation.

A fifi (also fifi towel or fifi bag) is a slang term for an improvised vagina, often made of cloth or fabric.

A penis extension is a partially hollow device like a very short dildo, with the hollow end placed on the end of the penis, intended to increase the effective length of the penis, This is for the benefit of the person being penetrated. These are generally worn with condoms to prevent them from falling off during use.

A penis sleeve is a cylindrical device that is placed on the shaft of the penis, with the aim of increasing stimulation for the person being penetrated. They often have soft bumps and increase the girth of the penis with the intention to provide increased stimulation. There are also penis sleeves that incorporate vibrating simulators for the testicles and clitoris, much like the bullet vibrators used on cock rings.

Vibrating penis sleeve

Vibrating penis sleeve

Penis Plugs

Penis plugs are pieces of stainless steel that are inserted into the urethral openings of the penis for stimulation and sexual play. Even though many males have tried testing with objects that they find around their houses, it is so unsafe to utilize household items. You should utilize penis plugs that are only made from stainless steel. Plugs are a type of sexual adventure for both women and men. Men are the leading group utilizing plugs, but women are also getting into the act. Some women buy these plugs as a sexual assistance for their male spouses, but they can also be utilized by women who usually need smaller or shorter plugs. he prince’s wand (also known as a penis plug) is a piece of body piercing jewelry. It consists of a hollow tube with a threaded cap at the end. The tube is inserted into the urethra, and a stem is inserted through a Prince Albert piercing and into another threaded hole on the side of the tube. The general shape is similar to a police nightstick. The little side stem holds the tube in place. The threaded cap, often just a ball, can be removed so the wearer can urinate through the hollow tube without having to remove the jewelry (from the Prince Albert piercing).

15 CM Beaded Penis Plug with Cross

15 CM Beaded Penis Plug with Cross

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